Tuesday, October 9, 2012

{Beauty Obsessed} Too Faced Better Than False Lashes

Photo Credits: Sephora

What's the one thing most of us won't leave the house without?  Well for me and a lot of women, it's mascara.  I feel like without it I look sleepy and drab.  A month or so ago I was at Sephora looking for a new mascara, and a girl that worked there told me I had to try Too Faced's Better Than False Lashes.  I picked some up, but I didn't really try it until this last weekend.  After getting it home I read through the instructions, and it just seemed overwhelming.  I wasn't expecting one of the tubes to be a powdery like substance (it's actually fibers).  Eventually I just kinda forgot I had it, and kept using my old standard Covergirl Lash Blast (If you're looking for an everyday cheap mascara, this stuff is awesome!).  Then the other day I saw it in the bathroom, and thought I should finally give it a try.  It is awesome!!!  I probably won't replace my everyday mascara, but when I want to go a little more glam, I will definitely do this over false lashes.  

Here is what I look like with no mascara...tired right!  

This is the mascara/primer before I put the fiber stuff on.

With the fibers on before I put the mascara on top.

This is after I put the top coat on and with one more coat of both...

the finished result.  Pretty awesome right.  It totally looks like I'm wearing false lashes.  It's a little strange when you take it off because it feels like you are loosing a ton of lashes, but it's really just the fibers.

I definitely recommend it, but like I said I don't know if I would use it everyday.  It's $35 compared to my $7 tube of lash blast, but for special occasions or days when you know you'll be in a lot of pictures, why not!


  1. Too funny, Jessy, I just blogged about Too Faced eye shadow yesterday! I haven't tried their mascara but now I think I need to! Your lashes look great! Like I need any more makeup.... :)

    1. Hey Ashley! I saw that! They might be rapidly becoming one of my favorite brands. I ordered the Naked palette you talked about. :)

  2. Looks really good on you! I tried it, but the fibers kept falling into my contacts and was a mess :) Maybe one day I'll get lasik!

  3. ooh, this looks amazing! I don't wear mascara everyday but for those occasions that I want to, this might just be perfect!

  4. Oooh, you may have found my big event alternate to Bad Girl Plum by Benefit. It also uses fiber and a subtle color to make the eyes pop. Love the step by step pictures. I forwarded to my make-up obsessed friends.

    Ish @ Sleep and his brother(byw)

  5. Impressive lashes dear! Just look like fake ones. I wear mascara on a daily basis even if my lashes are quit dark but this will be great for big night out or special occaisions. Love it!

  6. I would love to try this. Everyone seems to be having their lashes done but I don't want to sit for that long to get them attached. Will have to try it.
    Thanks very much

  7. Hi - I found you from BYW and love this! I have seen this mascara, but didn't think it worked.. your lashes look awesome. I will be picking some up for sure!



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